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Is it Clean?

Have you cleaned your driveway and pathways yet? If not, you may want to take care of that before fall and winter arrive. Dirty surfaces hold water better, creating puddles and places for more dirt to collect. In the winter, that can lead to ice. One simple call and we can take care of that task for you.

Are you a solar panel owner wondering why the sun is shining strong, but your lights aren’t shining bright? It may be time to have them cleaned.

Did you know a dirty solar panel could lower the efficiency rate by as much as 40%?

Solar panels have a protective glass layer on top which, like any glass, gets dirty and solar panels get dirty much quicker due to the angle which they are installed.

Think of your car windshield, the rain alone doesn’t take care of all the dirt and grime that builds up, in fact it actually traps dirty particles onto anything it lands on.

The dirtier your panel is, the smaller the area is for sunlight to be absorbed, resulting in less energy. Here in the northwest, it is critically important to get the absolute most out of what little sunlight we do get. This makes regular cleaning a crucial element to your solar panels maintenance. Not cleaning your panels regularly could also result in a void of your manufactures warranty.

Crystal Clear Window Maintenance makes it easy and hassle free to keep your solar panels clean. You can set up a regular cleaning schedule where we call you and remind you when it’s time to schedule a cleaning. Our professional uniformed crew uses environmentally safe cleaning products to quickly and easily restore your solar panels back to their top performing condition.

Not cleaning your solar panels on a regular schedule can result in a built up of hard water damage, just as your home and business windows.

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